Through a perfected multi step quality process, F18 Consulting is able to consistently exceed hiring expectations.

Initial Review of Client Objectives

Our methodology begins with an initial review of the requirements and objectives of the position. This includes an depth understanding of the client, team, environment, and several other factors prior to beginning candidate reviews.

Candidate Research & Screening

Possible candidates are identified and initial phone screening begins.

In Depth Candidate Evaluations

Further evaluation of the candidates is done to determine career goals and objectives, strengths/weaknesses as well as hard and soft skill levels. Person to person interviews are done with several members of our staff for feedback comparison.

Comparison and Ratings

Comparison of candidate qualifications with client requirements, including personality and culture fit. A proprietary system of qualification ratings is applied in order to narrow down top tier candidates.

3rd Party Technical Assessment

Final candidates are required to undergo rigorous third party technical testing to further qualify technical ability. This is done as an in depth verbal assessment by qualified IT testing specialists. Results are provided to the client prior to the interview.

Final Verification

Chosen candidate is subject to reference verification, background check, drug testing etc. based on client requirements.

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